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Why SEO is Important?   arrow

Have you ever felt like you had something great, but no one to show it to? What if you had everything that someone needed, but no one knew? This is why you need SEO.

Search Engine Optimization provides access to an unlimited number of prospective customers and viewers. Attempting to promote yourself online without proper SEO is like starting a business without a name. In fact, during a recent study, those that had proper SEO had their websites and businesses grow 40% faster than those without. There are so many benefits to SEO, that not choosing to optimize your site properly is simply a grave mistake.

With better rankings in all search engines, you can expect more traffic driven to your website. Websites that are SEO optimized without a doubt outperform those that aren’t. Think about it this way; let’s say you have a small self-owned computer repair business in an urban area. There are bound to be many competitors, doing the exact same thing you’re doing, and probably for the same or better prices than you. How can you get ahead?

A successful SEO campaign can provide you with many things. It will allow you to find more customers and to grow your business. This is simple, everyone uses a search engine these days. If you needed something to be fixed, where is the first place you would turn? Showing up at the top, or high on the list in a search engine is a HUGE difference maker when potential customers are choosing who to give their business to.

Let’s talk about your website. If you are truly optimized for SEO, it will create a simpler and much easier to use website. For the most part, these websites simply use on-page keywords, and most provide great compatibility with phones and tablets. Trying to navigate a website without mobile-capability on your phone is awful, and we’ve all had to endure that! Most people don’t care how great your business or website is if they can’t view the information they’re trying to view!

These are just a few benefits of SEO, however, as the benefits are seemingly endless. Proper SEO provides a great relationship with social networking, allows your business to basically be up-and-running 24/7, and can help you bypass your competition. By being easier to discover, you’re making all aspects of your website and/or business easier to discover. If people have access to your website, why not your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? People will be able to find you FIRST, all hours of the day, and your unoptimized competition will be left in the dust.
Search Engine Optimization is a must have for anyone with a website. Don’t let your competition get ahead of you, show them who’s boss!